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How do you want us to show up?
On a bike, in a car, a van, by truck, plane or train.

It's Simple You break it, we fix it.
Macintosh and Windows consulting.
If it ain't worth it, we will tell you straight out, we will also
give you options that you will understand, In English.

Soon we will be offering online tech support through
 remote access services,
We can log into your computer and fix it (software problems) from our office. 
(For a Fee)

Our services include:
    • Technical Support
    • Network Setup and Support  including Broadband, DSL and yes, dial up Modems
    • Preventive Maintenance and Repair
    • Defragmentation of hard drivesand Operating System Repairs 
    • Virus and Spyware Removal (Installation if necessary)
    • Web Design
    • Video Production, memorial services, birthday parties weddings, bands, etc.
    • Celebration of LIfe Memorial Presentations
    • Equipment Rentals: two-2500 LUMEN Video projectors, two-8 foot projector screens, 150 or 250 watt Fender sound systems, Cameras Two-3 chip Sony Mini Dv's cameras, several Digital Eight -High 8 Cameras, bogen tripods
    • way too many things to list.
(And so much more...)

We have a price List  in the works for basic Computer services.

We provide FREE ESTIMATES...
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We Also Have Available....

T-shirts, and other paraphernalia

Tech nophobia

One more thing here is an English - Spanish Conversion Dictionary 

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