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Eugene, Oregon 97401
phone 541-767-8922
this number is a magic jack number  please leave a message and we will return your call.
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"It's Simple You Break it
We fix it"

Macintosh and Windows Consulting

We rent Video Projection Equipment





OUR Basic Equipment Rental Price

This charge is only available if we create
the video project.


We charge 250.00 to rent video projector equipment,
this includes an 8x10 foot screen,  a 150 Watt Fender Passport amplifier system with a wired microphone,
along with all of the cables necessary to make it work. this includes the (DAVE attachment) :>} me

Remember, This charge is only available providing that
We create the video project.
Not someone else

If you create the video project the minimum (This charge depends on the location)
WE charge
350.00 for the equipment, local delivery and setup.

We have an explanation for this extra charge so call us and ask why, Please do not be shy!

It only comes with a  special (DAVE attachment) me.
We do  not charge a breakit fee, nor do we require
you to purchase unneeded insurance on the equipment.

First Click  just below to read a little
more about what you get
when you rent from us
or have us create your project
Rental Pricelist

One Panasonic AG AF 100 -
this Camera is Brand New

$ 250 per day (this camera comes with a special dave attachment) , WHY? to oversee the correct usage of this camera.
"This is not a beginners camera."
they rent for $350 per day all over the internet and , some rent
without a lens and
they never rent with a camera operator

(this means it does not include the videographer)
there is an extra charge for this person)

because there is a lot to know about this camera to make it work correctly,
I know how to use it.
It only took two month's to learn how to set it up correctly.

This is a high quality camera capable of overcranking video
( slow motion is you have the correct software editing programs)

It records to both SDHC and SDXC Class 10 memory chips
(not slow memory chips) they cost 80 dollars each.
The lens is a "Lumix 14 to 140 mm HD"
Rode NTG1 Shotgun Microphone
Shure Wireless (remote) Lavolier Microphone
we also have
Azden Pro Wireless (remote) Lavolier and
Azden wireless Handheld Microphones
we also have a Zoom microphone that records from both sides

Panasonic AG AF 100

 has TWO - 3 hour batteries and
TWO -  16 or 32  gig SDHC class 10 memory chips.
HD 108060i/30P recording time total 3 plus hours.
All of the above extras generally add about $200 to $400 to the rental price (Sometimes way more.)

What you will need is a well qualified camera
operator. I can figure this out in one or two minutes or so.

You will also need a plan, lights, computer to download the video footage onto,
a backup hard drive to maintain the integrity of the information you will be saving.
Computer to save the information to and an Editing Program
Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro or
some other wanna be video editing program

Note: this camera does not go out of my sight or off site, without what I call, 
"the DAVE attachment" - ME !

I make myself to be available for all hours when this camera is being rented or used by another person or entity.
This does not happen elsewhere,  I can guarantee it!

We also have:
1 - HD Camera Sony FX1 tape camera.

Bogen Manfrotto tripod (extends to almost 7 feet as I recall)

extra batteries,  and  miscellaneous other things
by special request only.
$300 per day same deal as above.

What else do we have?

42 Inch Sanyo big screen TV
2 - Optima Video projectors (2500 lumens),
Fender Passport Sound Systems
either 150 or 250 watt,
2-8 foot screens (10 foot diagonal 4:3 format),
Wireless Microphones( Shure and Azden),
4-Digital Eight Sony Cameras and
3- Sony TRV 900 3 chip SD cameras)
Too much to list
Ok I'll try

1 - HD Camera Sony FX1 for use by special request only.
$300 perday

4 - Digital Eight Sony TRV 820

1- Digital Eight Sony TRV 520

All Equipment comes with delivery, setup, and takedown.

2 - Macintosh Laptops- Dual Core 2 and a Power PC

1 - 30 Gig IPod loaded with music for your event

1 - Toshiba Laptop

a bunch of other stuff like mini DV recorders, Canon digital rebel camera

Here are a couple of other things we do.