We just lost our business location, more on this later.

We are now looking for a new place to relocate our computer and video business.

If you know of a small place
that may be available
please contact us at


We found one and are creating a New Video Studio
(more on this later)
we will still be working from home for a while.


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        FIRST !!!
Go Get Quicktime at apple.com/quicktime

it's free, then come back and have some fun.

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Trust Me

This guy knows what he is doing.
I know Energy,
the MacProfessor 
knows computers, both Macintosh and Windows
17 years from 1993
12 hour days.

We do not just fix computers.

Here are a couple of other things we do.


Macintosh and Windows Consulting

"It's Simple,
You Break it
We fix it"

















New Thing !!

I can now,  set you up
with an
online account
that will allow
me to help you with your
computer problems,
while we are both on the
     internet and communicating over

the phone at the same time.

You will be able to do the tasks
on your computer while I watch
and view exactly what is going
on with both you and your
We will be on the same page.

I will be able to see problems
and serious issues that you
may not be aware of. 

If you are worried about security,
   The connection that we establish
       between your computer and ours,
is a very secure connection.
The system We use,
utilizes the same encrption
method that all online
banking systems use.
(AES 256 Bit encryption)

Please,Notice the use of the word I
    When I am viewing your computer
You will always know when
I am there, 
   ( a small window on your desktop
will show you that your
        computer is being accessed by me),
and further confirmation will be:
that the only time this
will be happening is when
we are talking on the phone
at the same time.

I have been fixing both

Windows and Macintosh
computers in Eugene, Oregon
for over 16 years.
         I have spent a great deal of time,
      working with people, earning their trust.

       Through the years, 
I have made many many friends,
and I guarantee that any
information you provide to me
         will be kept completely confidential.

I have worked with numerous 
business's as well.
     My credentials and resume can
be made available on a
case by case basis.

I am always concerned
about security issues, when I
observe your computer habits,
I can see and help you with 
       concerns you may not be aware of.
Thanks  David

Eugene, Oregon 97401
phone 541-767-8922
email: dray@themacprofessor.com

"It's Simple You Break it
We fix it"