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Eugene, Oregon 97401
phone 541-767-8922
email: dray@efn.org

"It's Simple You Break it
We fix it"

Macintosh and Windows Consulting

When you leave our office, your computer will be perfect.
It is YOU that we are concerned about.

If it ain't worth it, we will tell you straight out, we will also
give you options that you will understand, In English.

OUR Basic Minimum Equipment Rental Price

We charge 250.00 to rent our equipment,

Call first 541-767-8922

It only comes with a  special (DAVE attachment) me.
We do  not charge a breakit fee, nor do we require
you to purchase unneeded insurance on the equipment.

We show up at your event  with a  2500 Lumen Video  Projector,
8 foot wide 10 foot diagonal screen
DVD Player, 150 Watt Fender Amplifier system,
Wired microphone ( if needed )
and all of the necessary cables or hookups.

On special occasions we have available a large
46 inch LCD television
which requires two people to deliver ( their is an extra charge for this)

We also arrive at your event
with backup projectors, DVD  players, backup Macintosh laptops
that will play anything that can be thrown at it, along with
wireless microphone ( there is an extra charge for setting this up). and a huge assortment of other items

It is all
DELIVERED, SETUP AND Guaranteed working.

We stay for the length of the event...then

We take it down and put it away in our van and take it home,
Clean it up for the next outing.

if needed we can video tape your event and make you a DVD.
We charge extra for this service,

Birthday Parties, Weddings, Memorial services,  other events
Including Business seminars and trade shows.

You can look further but We are pretty darn sure that you will pay over
five hundred dollars for this type of service elsewhere in Eugene.

What we ask is that your project be delivered to use 24 hours in advance so we can test it and make sure it works.

People can make DVDs and presentations,
but not all of them know how to get it out of their computer,
we have seen it happen dozens and dozens of times.
We can always bail you out, but sometimes it is not all that easy.

If this happens you can guarantee that we will charge you an extra 100 dollars for the last minute fix.
However, if your project is tested prior to playing.
If it works in our office we guarantee that it will play at your event with our equipment. If their is a problem we can then fix it so it WILL work.

We also have HD SONY video cameras, as well as  several three chip and single chip cameras and the necessary MINI DV and Digital Eight tape players or VIDEO decks,  a 250 watt FENDER amplifier system.
Canon Digital camera with extra lenses, High end computer editing systems.


We have been fixing Windwoes and Macintosh computers
for over 15 years, we do not sell computers or parts, we help you order what you need and when it arrives,
we help you install it correctly.
You can even watch as we do it with no extra charge, however if you want us to do it
slow enough so that you can take notes for use later on,
you had better be a very fast writer, because we will not go slow, unless you pay us to go slow.

    • Technical Support  we charge $60.00 per hour for hands on time.
    • Network Setup and Support  including Broadband, DSL and yes, dial up Modems. (What eactly do you need?)
    • Defragging of hard drives $30.00 it will probably take 1 hour to several hours to correctly defrag your hard drive. We will only charge you $30.00 (providing you bring it to our location)
    • Virus Removal, just depends on what you need and how long we need to fix it. It can also be done much cheaper in our office
    • Web Design the Price Varies for each website we create.               You are an integral part of this process,
      it all depends on what your needs are.
    • Video Production, memorial services, birthday parties weddings, bands, etc. Price negotiable
    • Celebration of LIfe Memorial Presentations
      Go to this link it will explain what we do
    • Equipment Rentals: two-2500 LUMEN Video projectors, two-8 foot projector screens, 150 or 250 watt Fender sound systems, Cameras Two-3 chip Sony Mini Dv's cameras, several Digital Eight -High 8 Cameras, bogen tripods.   Call us and we wil first find out what you need, before we give you a reasonable price.
      We also have other things  but the list is to big.
(And so much more...)

We have a price List  in the works for basic Computer services.

We provide FREE ESTIMATES...
simply fill out the form on our Mobile Services Request an Estimate page.

We Also Have Available....

T-shirts, and other paraphernalia
but call us first before you order anything


Here are a couple of web sites to other things we do.