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"We can't solve problems using
the same kind of thinking we
used when we created them"


If you really, really, really need help

First I am so tired off Comcast and AT&T
trying to control our lives

First lets all know this,
Comcast cannot do simple channel programming.
Next AT&T does not have a clue about anything either.

they only want your money
and information about who you are.


Just check out the cable guide on your tv
and see how many shows are played over and
over and over on the same cable channel and next month
they play it over and over on another cable channel.
We are paying too much for the damn advertising when
they should be paying us to watch their ad crap.
So what makes us think that AT&T
has a clue about anything that comcast might
already not have a clue about?
I have been involved with internet everything since 1994
When I was on the board of the
First Nonprofit Internet provider,
named Eugene Free Net or EFN.org
they are still around
no thanks to one of their prior board members
who made it impossible via the IRS to continue
offering Low cost telephone modem connections
to the citizens of Eugene Oregon,
I have so much more too say. But this is it for today.
thanks for the time to RANT

Oh yeah Edward Snowden is our Hero for telling us about or supposed protector heros such as those in the CIA and NSA Congress and Senate

Which Include G Bush Jr., Dick Chaney, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, G Bush Senior, Donald "duck" Rumsfeld, and
a host of other worthless individuals who In fact did not Serve in our Military with very much honor if at all.

That will show em that we are starting to pay attention.

We now use teamviewer.com
there is a little work to do on your part but mostly it is fairly easy.

There is only one page to read and a couple of things to do.
 Choose download, find it and then Open it or save it to your computer so you can open it later.

Here is a setup recording or video on how to do this
http://themacprofessor.com/teamviewer recording.mp4
This is just a first try we will add sound to it later

First you have to create a simple account requiring
1. your name, an email address and a password.

This information is not provided to anybody  other than Teamviewer

It is a secure web site and program

You can do this by FIRST going to the weblogin page located
at login.teamviewer.com

               2. Then you download the teamviewer program installer  or application
From their  website at teamviewer.com

Once you have downloaded you will find it 
In your computers downloads folder
Now Open it up on your computer.
or install it, whatever you think is best.

To Activate your account you them must, first.

            3. go to the email that you entered
into the signup page and then
respond to the email link provided.

4. Once you login to the site.

      You will be given an ID and a password.

       Write them both down.
        Every time you open up the
teamviewer Program,
it will create a new password,
The ID will always remain the same

You can get around getting a new password by choosing
Unattended Access This will let you can set your own password.

So it can be easier for us to help you with your problems when the need arises

        You must enter the ID in exactly as it appears such as:

123 456 789

3 numbers then space

3 numbers and
then space and
then the final 3 numbers

Once again such as 541 767 8922
whoops that is my phone number, oh Well!
If you need help you know what you can do now.

           You will need the original password and email address to see if your 
            computer is online.
You will also need the computer
                password and username so that you can log in when you need to.

              Note: There is also a personal password that 
            you can create in so you can use
teamviewer for Unattended  access

           ( which means that you can log into your
              computer from another location with out
                being at the other end to say Ok let me in
             This is valuable it will allow you to access files
            that are on your home or work computer,
            which you may need when you are not at home.

Watch closely where the download link is

They always make changes on what the pages
look like. Tomrrow may not be the same as what I have just described in the above information.

It is pretty much similar to what the .pdf
you will be reading, looks like.

Have fun,  email me when you are done


            I do not have a click on email link
for a reason,
            You need to know how to use copy-paste.Copy the address and paste it into an email document
and then send it to me.
               If I make too easy the robots will do it, and send me a bunch of worthless email.

Below is the
Current Live Online Broadcast
If it is not available
then I am fishing or doing
something more fun.


We are creating a
New Video Studio
to do all of the things
that we have wanted to do
for the past three years or so.

Watch live streaming video from themacprofessor at livestream.com
We will only be live at specific times.

The online broadcasts will include the following special reports.

"The best kept windows and macintosh secrets"
or better put
"The Best kept Macintosh and Wind-woes Secrets"

"Trying to Keep It Stupidly Simple,
Huh? "

"How do you doo,-
it Right?

Backup and Defrag"

"Organize, Organize
I know, I know"

Now what, Huh?

"For older recorded broadcasts click here"

   Buy a shirt for only twelve bucks, plus shipping
help us pay for all of the equipment
we need to buy
Help us make this thing work

It is an Iron on patch
Thank You

order using paypal right here.

You do not have to be a  paypal member
to use this form.
plus the shipping of course.



"It's Simple You Break it we Fix it"

We help YOU!
 Fix YOUR own computer !

When it is fixed,
Your computer will be perfect.

It is You, we are worried about.

          Here are a couple of other things we do.
           We can fix your computer
        at the very least we can set you up
       to check out your problems.
        Over the Internet from our location.

          We can also do Live online broadcasting
           of your event, so that others can view it
           as it is happening, "Around the World".

                   We are redoing our site so some of the
          links may not be active.
       Please  bare with us
          or is it beer with   
                        us or maybe it is bear with us.
                                                       You can still reach us at
                                                       the information is below.

          "It's Simple You Break it we fix it"

             Macintosh and Windows Consulting

            phone 541-767-8922              email: dray@efn.org
(copy and paste the email address  into the email form)

The address is not an active link for my sanity
because of the computer robots that are trying
to take over our world and send everyone garbage emails)

               Eugene, Oregon 97402

Here is the Live On Air Window

If,   it says we are OFF AIR
Guess what?
We are not live at that moment in time.

For our Recorded Versions please
                                         Check in at the bottom of this page.
Note: there just might not be any recordings.
They Take up a lot of space. so we remove them.

If you hear an echo during the Online Broadcast.

You may have two Internet browser windows open
at the same time and not know it.
If you are using Firefox they are called tabs,
and they are playing at the same time.

Just close one of them and see what happens.

How did this happen? Well it goes like this...
If you Clicked on the Black arrow at the bottom left of the video window
The Online Broadcast will play in the above window.
But if You clicked on Both the Black Arrow and then if you click on
the White button or arrow in the Center of the Black Video Window.
It will take you to a different page on the Ustream website and it then
it will PLAY from two seperate pages or tabs.
Do not Click on the White Arrow in the Middle of the Video Window.
This is where the ECHO comes from.

There are no recorded versions available at this time.
There probably are a couple,

but I am too busy setting up
a New Video Studio

Come back we will be running sometime after the New Year begins.

Thanks Dray